About E.A.S.T. – and Three Paintings

Living in the Resting Head
Living in the Waves
Living in the Movements
















A  Testimonial about E.A.S.T. from Albert Roessingh

I have now followed E.A.S.T. and Taiji with Jef Crab for more than 10 years already.

Right from the beginning, I realized that I was—presumably like most of my contemporaries—just using the upper story of my human abilities, i.e., my head. Of course, I knew that I also had feet, but I never actually experienced them.

With the miner’s lamp of attention and awareness, I started to assess what a chaotic turbulence above actually prevailed. And how pleasant it is when it all becomes empty and quiet, light and bright . . .

Continuous exercising gradually helped me descend from my head to my heart centre. I experienced the constant threat of becoming overwhelmed by all kinds of waves and emotions but also that I could choose to let these sometimes mountainous waves and threatening clouds just pass by, floating like a seagull on the water. And how I could open my heart to lighter and warmer energies and feelings.

Finally, I reached the source of all life force, deep in my belly centre. Amazing, how salvaged and [protected] I felt in there, in that warm, dark, cosy space.

Thus, following E.A.S.T., I gradually became richer and finally discovered my true Self. I now look with my feet strongly connected to the depths of the Earth; I now listen with my heart rather than my ears; I now understand the language and meaning of my movements.

Albert Roessingh

Founder and Director of Matoekoe, Curial Centre for Disabled Children

Painter / sculptor

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