Shamanic Workshop & Healing through Sound

*** NOTE that because of illness, Jef Crab has canceled his visit to Raleigh, NC, in June 2018. However, he is rescheduling his trip for the spring of 2018. in the meantime, he will be setting up free online discussions for the Raleigh area.  Check back to find out more.

Inner Freedom

The first time we met, my teacher explained that shamanism is founded on three axioms:

What matters most is the Sound
The secret of all knowledge and
the knowledge of all secrets is in us and within our reach
And goals:
to transform the mortal into the immortal
to transform the human into the Divine
to spiritualise matter

One becomes a shaman when the people of our community consider us so. When the sick, the desperate and those in need seek us out in the hope of relief. Then I approach this from the subtle energy connected to, e.g., sick cattle or crops, projected breech birth or other urgent matters. Sometimes they just hid important official papers too well. This is all mere daily practice of a shaman regarding urgent matters of life—what we call negative problems.

Then there are also those who seek our support for their inner growth—positive problems . . .
During this 3-day workshop we will concentrate on these matters in a dialectic way. By using drumming and chanting, spirit guides, “waking dreams” and other impressions are evoked. As we share these visions and impressions, a path will become clear. A path leading us to experience the shamanic axioms in their real meaning. Participants will attain inner freedom, wisdom and purity, individual as well as collective.

To avoid becoming too spaced out, sessions are limited to 3 hours. Every session starts with voice exercises to deepen our awareness and to prepare for the “inner worlds.” After that, participants may choose to sit or lie down while I use my drum, voice and other instruments to evoke the guiding spirits and visions.

Jef Crab (Louvain, Belgium 1957) had the privilege to study under close guidance of Masters in various disciplines and spiritual paths. Amongst them Jóska Soós de Sóvar, the well-known Hungarian shaman with roots to Siberian Shamanism, and Akira Tasumura, Zen master and world-famous painter and Ikebana teacher. At Yeunten Ling, the European Centre for Tibetan Buddhism at Huy, Belgium, Jef also received three initiations from the Dalai Lama, amongst which two personal/individual. To this day Jef also continues the study of inner movement and spiritual development as taught by the nowadays 113-year-old Taoist sage, Grandmaster Hua-Ching Ni.
In his search for easy to learn, yet efficient techniques, applicable in daily life he finally developed a universal method not bound by any one tradition. For more than 15 years he researched and experimented with these techniques around the world, while teaching them from the Middle East to Europe, to South America. Today E.A.S.T. Institute is a partner organization of UNICEF (Suriname).
When not teaching elsewhere on the planet, Jef lives and works in his La Rencontre Training Centre, cradle for many Earth Restore Programs at the rim of the Amazon Rainforest in close cooperation with tribal people, taking frequent treks and initiation tours into the interior.

Sign up to reserve your space. To leave a deposit (for one night, two nights or all three nights), select the option you wish from the drop-down PayPal menu below.

Deposit and Full Payment Options

Date: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (7 p.m.–10 p.m.)
Place: NW Raleigh, NC
Investment: $60 / session – $150 all three evenings
Contact: Margaret A. Harrell,, 919/782-9257
Please come in comfortable clothing and bring water (stay hydrated). Individual sessions / healings are possible for a limited number of participants. (contact Margaret through this site or 919/782-9257)

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