“This should be part of every human’s life”

The comment below about “Authenticity and Healing Presence” is by Wade and Marysia. S/V Pintado

After meeting this amazing family, one immediately realizes something very special is happening. As traveling sailors, it was a challenge to return to Suriname in order to take part in the E.A.S.T seminar (Authenticity and Healing Presence); this was no problem for Jef and Natasha, who, realizing my wish immediately, offered to come over to Tobago and hold the seminar where we currently are.

The two days spent with Jef were incredible, and the feeling that one is left with is difficult to put in words. “A Life Changing Experience” is one way I could try to explain the seminar; to add to this. one could say it should be part of every human’s life. The simplicity of this powerful information is really incredible; the change is immediately felt. In order to fully understand this transformation, one has to do the workshop. We not only had the privilege of taking part in the seminar but also had Jef and Natasha aboard our floating home for six days, a time spent together that we will cherish forever.

“In order for a forest to be green, every tree must be green,” Maharishi Yogi

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