Energy and Relaxation through the Body

“I developed eNRBi® (say Enerbie) primarily for E.A.S.T. teachers, in order to create an instrument to deepen their physical and energetic awareness. It turned out to be an easy-to-learn exercise beneficial to all, laypeople or professionals.  It is now a registered brand in Europe.

“No matter how long you have been working on Tai Ji, Qi Gong, dance or Yoga, I dare to state that these simple eNRBi® exercises will add value to your art and vision of life.” – Jef Crab, E.A.S.T. Institute founder

Below is some praise of the eNRBi method  by teachers long experienced in energy work at high levels. These techniques will be introduced in the Raleigh “Just relax! If only it were that simple” wokshop:

“eNRBi builds a bridge between East and West. Level by level it deepens one’s physical and energetic awareness, it strengthens us, and provides a solid basis for further inner growth of the personality.”


“Those (still) hesitant to engage in yoga or taijiquan but looking for an access to these eastern ways should practice eNRBi®.” – Holger Beer, Taiji Master , Physikalische Therapie


“If I had known eNRBi® 10 years ago, I would still be practicing Tai Ji. It would look totally different.” –  Luc Limére, founder Limére & Partners 


“No one has ever told me this before. Because of guruji’s (Jef Crab’s) teachings my yoga and life now have a very different meaning”. – Kiran Ravandur, founder Anahata Yoga Centre 

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