“Life Questions” – Free at Dancing Moon

*** NOTE that because of illness, Jef Crab has canceled his visit to Raleigh, NC, in June 2018. However, he is rescheduling his trip for the spring of 2018. in the meantime, he will be setting up free online discussions like this one.  Check back to find out more.

It’s happened to you already. You are doing the dishes, or any other activity that does not immediately require your full attention, and a quiet voice somewhere in your head asks: “Is this all you are going to do with your life?”

 Or is there a way to get rid of anger and anxiousness? How to overcome these emotions interfering with my daily life and relationships?

Or some of you might wonder whether there is such a thing as a twin soul? And if so, how to meet or find this. How can we be sure about it and what does it really means?

Or is dying really the end? What exactly happens afterwards? Can those states of being or consciousness be experienced during our life? Is it in this realm that our life dream arises?

Or how can I help my children and grandchildren in this “crazy” world?

Life Questions

During this free evening in Raleigh, NC, in the spring of 2018 – date to be announced – Jef Crab will guide a conversation and inter-vision around questions of the attendees. This always from his personal life experience and with the E.A.S.T.® (Energetic Awareness, Sensitivity & Transformation) method as a benchmark.

During an inter-vision every attendee can provide answers for the whole group. The starting point is that information and energy are self-organizing entities and that one single question is an expression of all present during that encounter.

Depending on what develops, Jef may introduce inner exercises or meditational techniques to substantiate the inter-vision.

Joska Soos, light being painting

An excellent opportunity to get to know more about our upcoming events!

Jef Crab (Belgium 1957) had from his twenties a very close contact with the world-famous Sumi-e and Ikebana teacher Akira Tatsumura, a Zen Master who mentored him on the deeper aspects of the mind and the energetic layers. Several times Jef stayed for longer periods in the Tatsumura residence in Milan and was instructed privately.

His spiritual journey also brought him to the Hungarian shaman Jóska Soós de Sóvar, born into the Basci clan, the Hungarian shaman clan with roots to Siberian Shamanism. From the outset a mere apprenticeship, their relationship would evolve into a deep connection between a teacher and a beloved student that would continue even after Jóska’s decease in 2008.

At Yeunten Ling, the European Centre for Tibetan Buddhism at Huy, Belgium, Jef also received three initiations from the Dalai Lama, including two personal / individual.

In his long search for easy-to-learn, yet efficient energy techniques, applicable in daily life, he finally developed a universal method not bound by any one tradition. For more than 15 years he researched and experimented with these techniques in teaching them around the world, from Israel to Belgium, to South America. Today his E.A.S.T. Institute is a partner organization of UNICEF (Suriname).

In this first visit to Raleigh, Jef will teach two weekend workshops—• one on eNRBi® techniques of relaxation through the body, called “Just relax! If only it were that simple” and • one called “Authenticity and Healing Presence.” Also • three shamanic evenings, as well as private sessions. (photo credit: Jóska Soos)